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History of Machinery Row

Machinery Row began as a series of wooden structures that housed tobacco warehouses and icehouses, which eventually came to house manufacturers and distributors of agricultural implements. As the area just off Lake Monona and adjacent to the railroad tracks (an area then known as Implement Row or Machinery Row) grew in size and importance, so did the building we now know as Machinery Row. Read More

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Builder: Findorff
Architect: James McFadden
Financing: Park Bank

1999 Orchid Award
1999 Wisconsin Preservation Award
2004 Wisconsin Preservation Award Read More

History of Seven Js

John and Jean Coatta purchased the Machinery Row building in 1980 and formed a corporation named Seven Js, Inc. (Janet, Jeff, John Jr., Julie, and Jay). The building had several first-floor tenants including the U.S. Postal Service, OKeefe Janitorial Supplies, Blied Office Supplies, Business Furniture Warehouse, and Lenertz Printing, while the second floor was entirely warehousing. Four old, wooden platform elevators served the building well into the late 1990s, but it became apparent that an update was needed when replacement parts were in museums. John Sr., Jean, and Jeff began to consider the future of the building and the possibility of taking on a major rehabilitation project. It was agreed that Seven Js would start the renovation process if and when the City of Madison approved the new Convention Center. And so it began in 1998.

Who We Are

Seven Js, Inc. is a family-owned business formed by John Coatta Sr., his wife Jean and children Janet, Jeff, John Jr., Julie, and Jay. John was a star quarterback at the University of Wisconsin in 1949, 50, 51, and was the head football coach for the Wisconsin Badgers from 1967-69. Jean is the daughter of former Madison Mayor Henry Reynolds and currently resides in Minnetonka, Minnesota, near Janet, John Jr., Julie, and Jay. Jeff lives in Waunakee, Wisconsin and manages the business. Seven Js employs Sam West and Mark Beaster. Sam has 38 years of service with the company and Mark has been with the family for nearly 30 years. These two men have been instrumental in nurturing Machinery Row to its current condition and continue to implement improvements and maintain smooth operation of the facility. They are always available to serve the needs of our tenants.

Machinery Row
Over 50,000 square feet of office and 25,000 square feet of storage space.
600 Williamson Street
Madison Wisconsin 53703
Phone: (608) 279-4999

Other Properties

First Johnson, Inc.
Over 100,000 square feet of warehouse and light industrial office space.
1902 East Johnson Street
Madison Wisconsin 53703
Phone: (608) 279-4999

Reynolds Madison, Inc.
Over 45,000 square feet of office and storage space.
301 South Blount Street and 706 Williamson Street
Madison Wisconsin 53703
Phone: (608) 279-4999

What We Stand For

Seven Js feels a tremendous obligation to be a good steward of the Machinery Row building. We strive to provide a comfortable, productive environment for the multi-use tenants of the building while maintaining many of the original amenities. It is important to Seven Js that Madisonians are proud of this landmark property and have the opportunity to frequent the building via retail businesses located there. We are always looking for ways to invite the public to experience Machinery Row and hopefully a new evening restaurant will open in the near future. Our emphasis is always on taking the property to a higher and better use.